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All rates are per person and include 2 nights, 5 meals, sleeping spaces, wash house, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, playing fields, game room, and pavilion.

Custom quotes are also available.

Standard Retreat Rates

Complete the Retreat Info. Request Form or call the camp office at 740-599-7707 for details.

To Cook or Not to Cook!

Many of our retreat groups enjoy the freedom and fellowship associated with preparing their own meals. As a ministry catering to the needs of smaller churches, it is our pleasure to serve you by providing this option.

Considering the per person cost of your retreat:  For an average group size of 30 people the retreat cost is $37.00 per person plus whatever you ask your group members to kick in for food. Groups have told us that they normally factor $15.00 per person. At that rate, JOY can actually do the cooking for you at a lower cost than you can do it for yourself - and we do the dishes!

The option to prepare your own meals is dependent upon kitchen availability. Call the camp office at 740-599-7707 or complete the Retreat Info. Request Form to find out if this is an option for your group.

JOY has a variety of menu options. We'll be happy to discuss those with you as you plan your event.

Mid-Week Rates  (Monday through Thursday)

10% off above rates as long as your retreat ends before Friday. If your group's mid-week retreat continues into Friday, the 10% discount does not apply.

Making it work for you...

Joy of Living is committed to doing everything we're able to serve the local church.

If you've experienced a JOY retreat in the past but are struggling to make the finances work this time around, please give our Executive Director, Jeff Eagen, a call on his cell (517-403-4143) to discuss your need. 

Our goal is provide your group with a Christian retreat experience that is spiritually impacting, wonderfully memorable, and absolutely affordable.


JOY has a variety of fun and exciting Retreat Activities available to enhance your event experience.  No cost and low cost activities options are provided for your convenience on the JOY Activity page. 


For more information about Retreats at Joy of Living, please use our online form or call our Guest Services Director, Tana Hey, at 740-599-7707.